EFL Ratesheet by James B. Murdoch

Updated September 2015

New EFL Products, Smokeless Rate classes, and Create Your Own Flyers

“Looking to take your sales to the next level, you found the tool used by hundreds.”

The MS Excel Spreadsheet will INSTANTLY provide the rates for the following products:

Term Life:

  • Class Factors: Ultra-Select, Super Select, Select, Standard Non-Tobacco
  • Smokeless Tobacco , Select Tobacco, Standard Tobacco
  • Pay Plans: Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Check-Matic
  • 10 Year Term Life
  • 15 Year Term Life
  • 20 Year Term Life
  • 30 Year Term Life

Life Sense Term:

  • Class Factors: Non-Tobacco & Tobacco
  • Pay Plans: Check-Matic
  • 5 Year Life Sense Term
  • 10 Year Life Sense Term
  • 15 Year Life Sense Term
  • 20 Year Life Sense Term

Life Sense Whole Life:

  • Class Factors: Non-Tobacco, Smokeless Tobacco & Tobacco
  • Pay Plans: Check-Matic
  • 20 Pay
  • Pay to 65
  • Pay to 100
  • Juvenile Whole Life: Included

New Enhancement

Create flyers of rates for distribution customized with your agency information!


  • Rate Classes: Ultra-Select, Super-Select, Select, and Standard Non-Tobacco
  • Period: 10, 15, 20, or 30
  • Pay Plans: Annual, Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Check-Matic
  • Rate Bands: Custom Select 3 different rate bands of your choice… $50,000 or greater.

Testimonials, Statements, and Emails From Past Users

“It has been very easy to use this last year. Please send the new software as soon as possible.”

“Jim, great job on the software to quote Erie Life!”

“Thanks for the Great Software! We brought home 2 life awards at our BRM this past year. Your software made it possible!”

“This is a fantastic way to quote… Great job!”

“Wow, just opened the spreadsheet. Genius, simply genius….how more simple could this be.”

Cost of the software is $60 for your entire agency. No Annual fees… No price increase… Updates available after new product offerings and rate changes.

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